Dissemination Day: Practice Leadership (Episode 5)

Episode 5 of our dissemination day series went live yesterday where Paddy is discussing the difference between management and leadership and how practice leadership can be the thing that makes a real difference in frontline services. Practice Leadership at the Front Line in Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilities and Challenging Behaviour: A Qualitative Study of Registered Managers of Community-based, Staffed Group Homes (Deveau & McGill, 2016)

Dissemination Day: Restraint Reduction (Episode 4)

Reduction of Restraint of People with Intellectual Disabilities: An Organisational Behaviour Management Approach. (Williams & Grosset, 2011).

Dissemination Day: Restraint Reduction (Episode 3)

An evaluation of an intervention sequence outline in positive behaviour support for people with autism and severe escape-motivated challenging behaviour. (McLean and Grey, 2012).

Dissemination Day: Restraint Reduction (Episode 2)

The Impact of Quality Behaviour Support Plans on the use of Restraint and Seclusion in Disability Services (Webber, Richardson, Lambrick and Fester, 2012)

Dissemination Day: Restraint Reduction (Episode 1)

The Impact of a whole-organisation approach to positive behavioural support on the use of physical interventions (Allen et al, 2012) 

Paddy to speak at SEABA Conference 17th May

The conference entitled "Harnessing The Power of Relationships And Setting System-wide Approaches" will take place in Tunbridge Wells on Friday 17th May and will explore some of the hot topics in the fields of PBS today.

Download the flyer for more information.

The Challenging Behaviour Charter


The Challenging Behaviour Foundation is a charity set up to:

  • Provide information about challenging behaviour
  • Provide peer support groups for family carers and professionals
  • Support families by phone or email
  • Run workshops to reduce challenging behaviour
  • Speak up for families nationally / campaigning

“We know that much better support and services could be provided for children and adults who are perceived as challenging. This
charter sets out the rights of these individuals and the action that needs to be taken” CB-NSG Challenging Behaviour Charter
The CBF have developed a challenging behaviour charter and we urge you to pledge your support, which you can do through their
excellent website: http://www.challengingbehaviour.org.uk/get-involved/campaign-with-us.html


16th & 17th June 2017

WOW! What a conference!!

Not only was the calibre of presenter and presentation top notch, the mood music was that of collaboration, understanding and engagement.

It was refreshing to attend a conference where much of the discussion was around effective partnership working, as opposed to grumbling about how other professions are not playing nicely together!

During these times of austerity with regards to health and social care budgets, different disciplines must find ways of working together to ensure that people receive the services they need and deserve (“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that” Martin Luther King, jr.)

The range of topics covered at the conference was vast (and way too extensive for us to cover in a paragraph or two). For more information, please visit the SEABA website: https://www.seaba.net/